Web Design & Website Development

Turn your website into the powerful branding and sales tool it should be.

Five seconds. That’s about all the time you get to make an impression when a visitor shows up at your digital doorstop. And you must consider a host of other important factors including things like page load speeds, responsive design, user-friendly navigation and an overall user experience that understands and honors what your visitors are looking for. Your website is now a critical part of your buyer’s journey. At Heart+Hammer, we know a thing or two about developing digital marketing experiences that lean on best practices and influence positive outcomes. Like better engagement, more leads and increased conversions. Who doesn’t like that?

U/X Design

User experience is to websites what strategy and planning is to marketing. The best websites are the result of a diligent process that uncovers and validates optimal and fluid experiences for the user. If we can land on a website and easily navigate and find what we’re looking for, no matter what device we’re using, then we’ve done a good job. Our team’s pretty agile at achieving this time and time again. If you need to design and build a new website or refresh an existing one, we’d love to show you what our team can do for you.

Web Development

When we build a website for a client, we have one simple goal in mind: build beautiful assets that represent your brand well, deliver a great user experience, and drive more sales transactions. Our digital team of web developers and web designers will work closely with you to make sure we deliver a website built for today, but scalable for tomorrow. No matter what the future brings.

Responsive Web Design

We believe in mobile-first website design. If your site is not optimized for the multi-screen world, you can be sure it’s costing you. Perhaps significantly. Think about it. By 2020, one billion users will have a mobile phone. And as it is, roughly 60% of all internet access is happening via your smaller screens. If your website is not currently configured to deliver content seamless, quickly and intuitively across every device, we can help with that.

WordPress CMS

WordPress-based websites power roughly 27% of the internet. Indeed, the platform has come a long way from its blogging roots. And for many businesses, you’ll be hard pressed to find good reasons not to use it as a capable CMS platform. Our team has extensive experience developing modern, fully-responsive websites on WordPress with incredible functionality and extensibility.

Website Maintenance and Management

Imagine never having to worry about the cost, labor, and overhead of maintaining your website. What if you never again missed an important update that could wreak havoc on your site? We bet you’d rather spend more time running your business and getting customers, rather than uploading files to a server or troubleshooting plugin conflicts. We hear you and would like you to know that you can put those tasks in the capable hands of our digital team.

Are you sure your website delivers a seamless and intuitive user experience?