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Google Partner, specially trained to manage even the most complex pay per click campaigns

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PPC is the fastest way to drive immediate traffic and results for your business.

It's also complex, constantly changing, and time consuming.

Pay per click is one of the easiest forms of advertising to get started. With just a couple of mouse clicks you can open your account, and launch your campaigns. You won't even be through your first cup of coffee before your ads are running. And that's where the fun begins.

PPC is deceptively easy to start, but it's also complex, constantly changing, and time consuming. 



Heart+Hammer is a Certified Google Partner Agency, and we are serious about growing your business. We've assembled an in house team of industry experts with the technical and creative skills and experience necessary to manage even the most complex pay per click campaigns.

  • We have undergone rigorous training, testing, and continuous monitoring by Google
  • As a Google partner we have direct access to the Google account strategy team who works side by side with us on client campaigns.

Our approach is "hands on" with a deep commitment to A/B testing with an eye towards continuous improvement based on data, not speculation. We've generated a proven track record of success for local Raleigh businesses, regional companies, and national brands. Are you open to having a conversation about your paid search advertising? Contact us, or call 877-432-7891.

4 Step PPC Management Process

Paid search success happens purposefully. Our four step process is data driven and allows for continuous improvement. 

  1. Discovery & Research. We want to learn all we can about your business and your target audience, including buyer personas, profit thresholds, and lifetime customer values.
  2. Account & Competitor Analysis. Your historical account data is a very important asset. So is looking at your competition. We'll run sophisticated analysis to identify valuable insights that will guide our strategy.
  3. Strategize & Build. We'll take all of our research, and all of our insights and create an effective PPC strategy that will maximize your investment.
  4. Optimize.  As the data rolls in, we proactively manage and optimize campaigns, pivoting where necessary, and continuously improving.

Pay per click is the fastest and most efficient way to build brand awareness and generate action, and it's totally worth it if you're serious about growing your business. It's flexible, scalable, and backed by data.

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Why pay per click pays off for companies like your business.

Generate Leads That Convert

At the exact moment when buyers are searching for you, your ads will appear in search engines. This enhanced visibility helps your brand reach high-quality leads, with a very nice chance of converting.

Targeted Advertising

PPC can be highly targeted based on search terms, demographics, and audience profiles. We can customize efficient campaigns for every segment of your audience.

Outrank Your Competition

Get your ads placed above your competition and gain valuable impressions and conversions that are currently going to the other guys.


There are no secrets in PPC. Every possible metric you could think of tracking is being monitored and reported on. PPC is data driven to the max.


Successful PPC requires more than just opening an AdWords account.

Here are the tools and processes we use.

  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • A/B Testing
  • Custom Ad Copywriting
  • Remarketing / Retargeting
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Website Optimization
  • Display Advertising
  • Scalability

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