Media Placement

On budget. To the right audience. At the right place and time.

When it comes to media, it’s easy to focus on getting the lowest cost per thousand, but efficiency and effective reach is what really matters. To achieve that, you need strategy and tools that help you reach the right audience, through the right channels, at the right time. You also need the analytics tools to measure engagement and continually optimize to maximize results and minimize wasteful spending. Sound like a good idea? We thought so too…which is one very good reason to work with Heart+Hammer on your next media buy.

What success looks like in the media buying process

Using an agency to leverage your media buying power? Cost is obviously a key consideration. But you should look beyond that for a true measure of success. For example, you should be able to determine if your average cost per customer acquisition is down. Engagement and conversions levels should increase accordingly. In fact, your organic search numbers should see a boost, aided by your paid traditional and digital media efforts. And of course, you should be able to track revenue attribution to accurately gauge the impact of your media strategy and buying decisions. If this doesn’t match your current experience, maybe it’s time we talked.

Traditional and Digital Media

As the digital media platform continues to expand and grow, for traditional media, one thing still remains true, everyone still has a television in their home and still listens to the radio in the car or at work.  With so many media options available it can be a challenge for a client to know where they should stretch their advertising dollars.

This is where Heart+Hammer can really help our clients be more strategic, by optimizing the flexibility we have to build “ala carte” media plans across both traditional and digital media platforms. We rely on the latest data on ratings, and keep ahead of consumer listening trends and leverage our in-house creative production team to build the most impactful media plan for our clients.

Buying Power and Budget

Clients need smart media strategists with exemplary negotiating skills.  At Heart+Hammer we leverage the many years of our negotiating experience with the strong relationships we have cultivated with reputable and trusted media partners to provide our clients with increased average purchase value. At Heart+Hammer we know that to build a strong and trusted partnership with our clients the most important deliverable in our media department is to manage our clients’ budgets as if they were our own.

We want our clients to rave about our customer service and negotiating skills and feel that we listened to their marketing needs and created a media plan that provided the right return on their advertising investment.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

Buying a media schedule is the easy part, and “good enough” is simply not in our vocabulary at Heart+Hammer.  We recognize that the key to a successful media plan launch is to do our homework.   We aim to be thoughtful and collaborative and take the time to get to know our client, their customers, understand their business, and identify their marketing objectives so we can develop a multi-platform strategy.

By looking in the rear view mirror and studying our clients past media and marketing journey, we can collect important insights and work through which insights are the most valuable in designing an impactful marketing strategy and the most powerful media plan.  These steps involve reviewing our clients’ historical sales patterns, previous marketing materials, and online presence, feedback and reviews.

We understand that to be strategic our work is never done, that collecting pre, post and ongoing insight on media campaigns will help us achieve our goal to maximize value and increase and identify the right audience engagement.


Heart+Hammer is a Google AdWords Certified Partner


Media Planning and Execution

As important as it is to look at our clients’ historical media journey before joining Heart+Hammer, it is even more essential to monitor the success of the campaigns we launch.

We check-in throughout the campaign and post-campaign to look at media analytics and partner with our clients to monitor their sales performance and guide our media decisions on each project.  The monitoring of our results on each project include audit of actual media placement as well as media invoices.

At Heart+Hammer, one of our most valuable assets is the full in house services we provide.  By having all our teams work cohesively together, and paying attention to the results of our campaigns, it allows us to be nimble and flexible and make course corrections where necessary.

Want smarter and more efficient media buys? We’re ready when you are.