Memorable customer experiences begin here

Strategy is at the forefront of our process well before a single pixel or line of copy is drawn or written. After all, relevant, memorable and smart customer interactions that drive growth are always the result of a well crafted marketing blueprint. Since driving revenue is usually at the top of every client’s list, expect a heavy dose of research, market segmentation and strategic planning to be at the top of ours.


How do we create meaningful experiences for your customers? You guessed it. It’s all about the plan. From market research to brand positioning and mapping the right touch points for your customers, every recommendation we make is by careful and proven design. Because if you’re not planning, then you’re planning to fail. So, let’s work together to build probable positive outcomes instead.

Market Research

The value of any product or brand is tied directly to the problems it solves. We rely on market research to unveil the answers to key questions such as: what problem are we solving, why should we solve it and why will they care. We also work closely with you to gather a combination of quantitative and qualitative data that helps us assess gaps, challenges and available market opportunities you can capitalize on.

Segmentation Analysis

Most clients think they have a good grasp of who their customer is. But we often find that these insights are driven mostly by demographic data. To really get to know your audience, you need to dig deeper into their behavioral and psychographic traits. We find that by conducting more thorough segmentation analysis, we can often get greater clarity on your customer audience, identify new addressable target segments, and map better customer engagements throughout the customer lifecycle.

Brand Positioning

In a sea of “sameness,” it’s increasingly important to clearly define and communicate your market differentiator. By leveraging brand research and segmentation analysis, we can uncover the critical insight to validate the purpose of your brand, express your brand promise effectively and solidify a strong market position. From here, we can build a powerful messaging architecture that relates to your audience and aligns with your key marketing goals and objectives.

Customer Journey Mapping

Depending on what you read or who you listen to, the average buyer’s journey includes 7-12 touch points before a purchase is made. That means that you can’t send out a couple of email blasts, push a few social posts and call it a day. You need a strong tactical plan to address the modern customer journey. We use RACE planning to map out customer engagement touch points that ensure your messaging strategy addresses each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Ready to create purposeful marketing designed to drive predictable results? Let’s talk strategy.