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Creating a roadmap to conquer even the toughest digital terrain

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The marketing playbook has been rewritten.

Has your digital marketing strategy kept pace?

In 2017, buyers are now fully in control of their buyers journey. They are web savvy, and mobile enabled. Brand loyalty is a quaint notion of the past, and the new completely distracted buyer is being inundated with marketing messages. At the same time they are cutting the cord to their TV's, and blocking digital advertising while online. 

If you are a marketer trying to engage with todays empowered buyer, then you are going to need an up to date digital marketing strategy. A digital strategy that recognizes this new buyer, and knows how to connect with them directly online. A plan that engages this buyer in a two way conversation and not through an old school one way digital brochure.

Make no mistake. this is the buyers journey, and you are along for their ride. Buyers are more informed, and educated than ever. They are engaging with sales teams late in their purchasing process when most of the decision has been made.

Heart+Hammer offers digital marketing services that puts strategy first. We know how to connect and engage with the distracted buyer and have built a proven track record of success for local Raleigh businesses, regional companies, and national brands.

We love making new friends, and would appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and learn more about your specific situation. Contact us, or call 877-432-7891. We don't bite, and we're pretty generous with ideas. Give it a shot.

Build a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy 

Building out a winning marketing strategy is not an overnight task. Here are four things to keep your eyes on.

  1. Think Mobile First. Being mobile friendly is no longer good enough. The mobile phone has replaced the desktop as the primary device for consuming content, and a mobile-first strategy is now required.
  2. Create Better Content. 300 Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Your content needs to be better than ever, or it will get lost.
  3. Personalize Your Marketing. Your website is no longer a brochure of your business. It's a one on one conversation that must meet your buyers at every stage of their journey.
  4. Lean Into The Imperfections.  Don't worry about tying up every story with a ribbon and bow. Be transparent, be honest, and be real. These imperfections will give your brand authenticity.

Marketing strategies are foundational pillars for business. The right strategy will save you time and money. Would you set sail across the world without a map? Don't set sail on your marketing journey without a strategic plan. 

Create Your Buyer Personas

Make sure your marketing strategy is actually strategic  

If you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time.

Build Out Your Buyer Personas

Buyer personas is just a fancy marketing word for defining your buyers. Who are they? Where do they go online? How old are they? Where do they live? By the time we build out your buyers personas they will even have a name. It's only when we really know our buyers and their behaviors that we will be able to truly connect with them. For help, download this free eBook.

Identify Your Goals & Tools

What does success look like? Is it 50% more leads? Is it 1 new customer? When we identify goals, we can measure for success. Now that you have a goal in mind, you need to be able to measure it. Which tools do you have, or do you need to measure your success?

Talk to your customers (current and former)

You can learn so much by just talking to your customers. How did they find you? Why do they choose to do business with you? Why did they stop doing business with you? These are fundamental questions we'll want answered.

Audit Your Marketing Content

Make a list of every item of content that you have and rank it in order of best performing to least as it relates to your current goals. This audit will help us to create more of the content that will meet our goals, and less of the content that won't and set us up perfectly for success.

Marketing Strategy Agency Results

You're not the hero of this story, your customer is.

Customers care about the "why", not the "what".

Most businesses like to talk about themselves. They will talk to you endlessly about their products features, the services they provide, or the pricing. Guess what - The customer is worried about something else. No matter what you are selling customers care more about the why then the what.

Build your digital marketing strategy about the customer, and they will listen, read, opt-in, download and convert for you. 

Customer Focused Marketing Strategy

Ready to build a digital marketing strategy that delivers traffic, and leads?