25% revenue growth in 2 months

"This was by far the most successful marketing we have made in the history of our company. We look forward to the future with Heart+Hammer."

Anna Bowen

Clegg's Pest Control


Clegg's pest control is a market leader in pest control services, wildlife control, moisture control, and insulation for residential and commercial clients. With 13 locations across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, Clegg's is known for exceptional customer service and they have built a strong state-wide following.


In the fall of 2016, Clegg's Pest Control approached Heart+Hammer with two challenges:
Clegg’s wanted improved brand penetration in the Asheville, NC market.
The brand was struggling to keep pace with digital consumer behaviors and marketing trends overall. This left Clegg’s vulnerable to emerging competitors in the market.

Our Recommended Solution

After close collaboration with the client, our market research uncovered that Clegg’s had limited brand awareness in the Asheville, NC market. We immediately began to identify potential market segments and quickly discovered significant opportunities by focusing on new residential business and a highly targeted female audience.

We then rolled out a marketing mix combining inbound marketing touchpoints with the HubSpot marketing automation platform and traditional media. These included the following.



Results that speak for themselves

Prior to the Asheville, NC campaign rollout, we originally forecasted a 5–8% increase in revenue over a 2 month time frame. Post-campaign analysis showed we surpassed this easily with a reported 25% revenue increase.

Building on this success, Heart+Hammer is now undertaking similar campaigns in state-wide locations to drive revenue, increase client-retention, and boost overall digital traffic and lead generation.

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